Sookie Marie Stackhouse - @BarmaidSookie

Even as a child, I knew I was different. It was impossible not to. Whether it was my parents thinking I was mentally ill or the psychologists they took me to every other month who thought I was just overly perceptive, I knew I was strange. I knew because I can hear thoughts. Everyone who thought I was weird or different or wrong, I knew. I heard it all. I could listen in on all those thoughts and more, so much more, than I ever wanted.

When my parents were killed in a flood by water fae when I was seven, me and my brother @HornDogJason went to live with Gran. She was a sweet, giving, loving woman who tried to protect me from everything there was that could hurt me in the world. Even when Jason moved out to live in their parents' house, I stayed with Gran. How could I leave?

I had many jobs over the years, but couldn't hold them for the same reason I never went out with a guy twice. I could read their minds, and that made intimacy darn near impossible. Bosses, boyfriends, everyone had thoughts I didn't want to know about, and it seemed the only way not to hear them was to stay away, which was exactly what I did until I got a job at @Merlottes_BT. @_SamMerlotte was always so good to me that I couldn't quit, and I managed to keep out of his thoughts, allowing me to keep and fall in love with the job… To an extent.

My life was seeming really settled until a vampire showed up in Merlotte's, turning my life around completely. @TruBloodBill was like nothing I'd ever encountered, a couple ways over. He was the first vampire I'd ever met, soon to be one of many, but as the first, I realized I couldn't hear his thoughts. It was so peaceful around him, and it didn't take much for that affection for being around him to turn to affection for him. I fell for him quickly.

A relationship with a vampire didn't come without its price. Vampire politics proved more complicated than I ever could've imagined, though the humans in the my life weren't exactly making things easier. A string of murders in Bon Temps led to Gran being killed by a psycho serial killer after women who "associated with" vampires. I'd  been the intended victim, but Gran was brutally stabbed to death in my place, protecting me one last time.

Bill seemed to be the only one there for me during my grief and fear, though I met plenty of other… characters, including @SheriffNorthman. He scared me, though at one point, Eric did save my life. I got the briefest of glimpses inside his mind, though I'd never tell him anything like that, and that snake pit I found in his head terrified me. Despite being completely terrifying, he was also… intriguing, something I'd never admit... until now.

Bill turned out to be interested in me for all the wrong reasons, and when he broke my heart, Eric was right there to pick up the pieces. I reluctantly agreed to go out on a few dates with him, and he surprised me by showing me a side to him I couldn't have imagined was there before. Now we're together, and I just found out I'm 1/8th fae, so it doesn't look my life is getting any simpler any time soon.


Now we've been together a little over three years. It never got any simpler, but it sure got more fun. Well, not the battles or the stabbings or the killings or shootings or drainings, but everything else did. Eric and I are permanently bonded, like married for vampires. I'm so in love in a way I never thought I could be. Eric and I have a surprisingly functional relationship, even if we argue a decent amount. We make things work better than I ever could've anticipated, and we protect each other no matter what. We still live in both our houses (we alternate), and there's still plenty of cross-species confusion, but we've basically stopped arguing about money and gifts, and I let Eric do his vampire thing and try not to think about any killing. 

We have the best friends, too. Friends who fight by our sides, who we protect, who protect us, who have even died for us. I'm so blessed that way. We both are. For someone who was virtually alone for so long, I know exactly how lucky I am to be surrounded by friends and family, and my friends, their families, and even my family. I can't say I've grown super close to the fae side of my family, except for Claude. I might be closer with him than I am with Jason right now, and I'm finally interested in exploring that part of my heritage and myself. No one knows what the future will hold (well, except maybe Layla, but she doesn't really tell), but for now, I couldn't have imagined a better life for myself. 

As for my career, that's changed as well. I worked at Merlotte's for a long, long time. The schedule was a bit hectic at times, but Sam was always real understanding when I need to run off on some vampire business, or mostly understanding anyway. No matter its issues, I really did love working there. I had friends all around me, and most of all, I could pretend to be almost normal. 

I talked about it for a long time before I actually went through with it-- a few years, in fact, but eventually I changed careers to a Supernatural Consultant. I want to use my ability gift to help individuals or businesses in the best way I know how. I spent so long hiding from my gift that the idea of embracing it seems foreign, but @SheriffNorthman's so supportive of the idea. It makes sense to me, more than being a waitress does, at least. I have a special skill set, so why not use it? Fighting being a part of the Supe community hasn't helped me so far. I've talked to Sam about it, and he understands. Now I just have to put things in order, and I think I have a new career on my hands.

Eric wants me to work out of @BarWithABite and have my own office and all that. It's a big step for me, but I think it's the right one. We'll see if the Supe community agrees! No matter what, though, I'll always be a Bon Temps Barmaid at heart.