Other Characters

Sookie's hardly my only character. Here's a list of some of my other, also active characters and a short description. Check 'em out!

Halleigh Robinson (now Herveaux) was born and bred in Bon Temps, LA. She never really left home except to go to college, and even that wasn't too far. When she finished school, she and her dog Lila moved to a little place in Bon Temps that she rented from @_SamMerlotte, and she got a job teaching at Betty Ford Elementary School: the same place she'd gone. There, she ran into @WereAlcide while he was doing some construction, and the two stayed in touch and eventually started dating.

Halleigh learned about the Supe world with grace and acceptance. She made some friends/stalkers in @SheriffNorthman and @RomanLucious and learned to love Alcide's pack, though she was never accepted by his father. That never stopped him, because after a few years of dating, the two got engaged and were married. Now they're living in Shreveport very happily and have Alcide's sister and nephew staying with them.

Bianca's the favorite child of @SheriffNorthman, and don't let anyone tell you differently or she'll likely start dismembering people. She tears out hearts, literally and figuratively, for fun and practically has a harem of men to love her. Eric, @LiamDelancy, @PrinceVladTepes, @RyanYorkBT, and @OscarBrooks all play very different parts in her life, but she loves them all as much as a vampire like Bianca can love anyone. She's cold, calculated, and unapologetically manipulative. She's long forgotten human manners, and they were different while she was alive anyway. She honestly believes that she was meant to be a vampire and even though she nearly constantly puts herself in danger, life after death has given her the one thing she desired even as a human and constantly seeks as a vampire: power.

Layla's been a seer all her life. She can see a person's future with just a touch, and it's a tough way to live. It doesn't always work, and it only shows one path, but it's enough that she keeps her hands to herself. A descendent of the Ancient Pythoness, it was only a matter of time before Layla was discovered by vampires. Lucky for her, @SheriffNorthman found her in a fairly harmless way and hired her to be his dayperson. She excelled in the position and, as he protected her from various threats and rescued her from a FotS kidnapping, she developed a crush on her employer. They had a brief tryst, but it wasn't enough for Layla. She stayed on as Eric's assistant, though, and loves working for him and staying involved with Shreveport's supernatural community.

@QueenBlackwood is pretty much as old as they come. The daughter of an ancient Roman senator, she experienced a very complicated upbringing and then death at an early age. Her Maker taught her to rule, and rule she does. First, Gabrielle conquered California, then engaged in a hostile takeover of Navada, and proceeded to form an alliance with @KellSoren, the king of Florida, in order to take down the queen of Louisiana and claim it as their own. Ever-political, she gave New Orleans itself to @PrinceVladTepes as a present. She lets @SheriffNorthman basically run the rest of the state while she's across the country, usually at Caesars Palace in Vegas, and strives to rule wisely.

Talia's lifetime was the stuff of fairytales. Seriously. She's the princess whom Sleeping Beauty was based on. Set to marry an older prince she'd never met, the princess told a mysterious man with whom she danced that she wanted to run away. The evil soon-to-be mother-in-law didn't know of the princess's plans, and poisoned a spinning wheel in the princess's tower. The mysterious stranger and the princess resolved to run away together but, before they could, the princess was pricked by the poisonous needle and poisoned. The stranger fed the princess his blood as she died, and the princess woke up as a vampire. The stranger was @VampNiklas, and they've been together ever since. Some say her turning went a bit wrong, but Talia's just a kind, bubbly vampire who'd never hurt a fly unless it threatened someone she loved.

Due to an attempt on her life that left her nearly burned to death, Talia can only drink fresh blood. Niklas, @SheriffNorthman's child, is far overprotective of her, but she hunts just fine on her own. She always chooses victims who have made victims of others. It's been about a hundred years since Talia was left out in the sun to die, but you can still see the effects in the form of a tan she's terribly embarrassed about, even if that's nearly all that remains of her near-true-death experience.

@ClaudiaCrane is the oldest and by far the most protective of all the Crane triplets. She believes it's her job to protect the family while in this realm, and she does her best to see to that. She might come off as a bitch, but that's only because she is. She works at @HooligansClub when @ClaudeCrane needs a hand, and sometimes she even dances there when she's feeling generous. She likes a little danger and a lot of leather, and even though her focus is on protecting the family, she'll try anything once.

@ClaudineSkyFae is much nicer than the other Cranes. So nice, in fact, that she's trying to earn her angel wings. Ascending to angel status is something Claudine's wanted all her life. She's taken on charges to protect as their fairy godmother, she works in a Supe hospital for Doctor Ludwig, and generally she does nice things. She's slipped up a few times, like letting a certain barmaid bond with a vampire and getting a little too close to a vampire herself, but really, she's as sweet as fae come.

@MermaidKendra is new to this realm and it really shows. While she might not know how to operate any machinery or gadget or even know what a swimming pool is, there's more to her than meets the eye. She's not a ditz or an airhead. She's a fairy princess with a deadly past. Water fae are known for being particularly violent, and fae royalty are the worst of them. Kendra's not really a fan of killing, but her sisters have been known to drown people for fun. Mermaid, siren, water fae... It's all the same thing, and while it comes in a pretty package, Kendra's more shark than angelfish.

Jane's real name is Janice, but after the popularity given to that name by the TV show Friends, she'd rather never be called by it again. She grew up with her father, @WereHerveaux, as packmaster in Mississippi, so she knows all about werewolves and the supernatural, or at least found out when her brother, @WereAlcide, came of age. As the second child, Jane was human, but she was practically pack anyway, especially after their mother passed away. Jane always felt a calling to be a hairdresser, loving to show someone's inner beauty on the outside, and was pretty content with her life, even if her brother and father didn't really like her husband. She and Dell were pretty content with their child, @TommyHerveaux, even if she never felt like Dell was truly invested in their marriage. She wanted to make things work, and she was willing to forgive a lot of Dell's shortcomings.

While waiting for Dell to pick her up from work since he was late yet again, Jane was attacked. Unlike most people, she never had that fleeting comfort of thinking it was a random animal attack. Wolves didn't just attack during the day, and wolves didn't just randomly attack the daughter of a powerful packleader. Jane wasn't badly hurt, but she was bitten. A Were her father had pissed off had gotten his revenge by sinking his teeth into Jackson's daughter's side, scarring more than her flesh. She managed to keep it a secret from her father and brother, but she had to tell Dell everything. He left her and wanted to claim custody of Tommy. Thankfully, a few calls to the police in the past put the courts on her side, and once enough paperwork went through, she was able to go live with her brother in Shreveport to finalize the divorce and break the news to everyone else... eventually.

Hannah had a completely normal life up till college. That's probably true for most people, but while in college in Shreveport, Hannah joined an environmental group. It seemed like an innocent enough extracurricular. Plant some trees, clean up some trash. But the group got involved with someone strange. There was a woman named @WereHallow who claimed she could do magic. The group of students followed her, learned from her, becoming drawn in even as they were repulsed by the actions she took. @BrodyKeyes creeped everyone out but, even then, they stayed. Hannah rescued another witch, @JadeChiara_, during that time when Hallow held him captive, and after that, Hallow and Brody seemed to disappear, leaving everyone else to pick up their lives. She might've been innocent and shy then, but that didn't last.

Hannah continued on with magic, switching her focus of study to the sciences to better compliment her craft. She became more and more intent on learning as much as she could, on gaining power, even through some questionable means. She had to hide the whole thing from her sister, Halleigh, and her boyfriend, Alcide, but it was so worth it. Hannah leaned towards vaundun practices and, after years of dedication, earned the right to call herself a priestess. Despite initial reservations, she also became one of the country's only truly successful Necromancers. With that much power at her fingertips, Hannah still thinks mostly of herself, though she does favors for others now and then, like raising @NiftyJenny and Jade from the dead, only to make Jade her own personal Frankenstein.

@WereTasha's always been a bit of a rebel. She comes from a long, long line of werewolves that's existed as long as anyone can really remember, which is why her father was packmaster back home. She's moved recently to get away from all that, and to try to make it on her own. She's got money to spare and isn't quite sure what she wants to do with her life, but she's on a bit of a trip to find herself. She has an aversion to commitment and hasn't even bought new furniture for the house her father bought for her. She's slept on the floor or outside as much as on the mattress she ordered begrudgingly. She's pleased as punch about the new pack, particularly @WereWillie, who she really enjoys cuddling and fucking in parking lots. Tasha's completely in touch with her inner wolf and definitely acts more like an animal than a proper lady sometimes, but she wouldn't have it any other way.