My Car

This is my new car. Isn't it beautiful? Don't tell Eric I said that. It's actually his. Technically, I'm borrowing it. See, the plan was to save up enough money to buy it from him, which honestly would have taken me forever, but then he came up with the idea of me paying him back with my services as a telepath since I'm thinking of going into business as a Supernatural Consultant that way anyway. For now, I'm really enjoying it, even if it really does stand out in the Merlotte's parking lot.

She may not be the most beautiful car to look at, but she got the job done for a long time. She was good to me over the years, and I've certainly had a lot of them. She's been pretty reliable until recently, which is when Eric came to the rescue, even if that didn't go quite how I'd planned. She was a good car.