Thursday, April 29, 2010

All it Takes is a Drop

Now, I’ve had experience with V dealers and drainers before. I’m not as naive as people seem to think I am. That’s how I met @TruBloodBill, in fact, saving him from the Rattrays. Boy, I do not miss them…

But that’s not the point. I’ve been around these people before. And you know what? They’re scary. Cause not long after I saved Bill, he had to return the favor when the Rats came after me. V addicts are mean, they’re cruel, and they’re not in their right mind.

So naturally, I was pretty unhappy to hear that there are getting to be more and more of ‘em in Bon Temps. Well, all of Area Five, or at least that’s what @SheriffNorthman says. I wasn’t exactly happy to hear it from Eric, either. He was all high ‘n mighty ordering us all to his house in the middle of the night, after a long day of work. The nerve of that vampire sometimes, I mean really!

But I agreed to help him with this V problem anyway. I mean, this is my community. I grew up here, I’ve lived here all my life, my family’s lived here all their lives. I’ll be darned if I’m just gonna let some people like this come in and start messing things up when there’s something I can do to help.

Not that Bill’s too happy with me helping, of course. He was all, “I am Sookie’s keeper,” and of course I didn’t appreciate that one bit. I honestly don’t even think he even said it out of concern for me, so much as just wanting to claim me in front of Eric… Again. The two of them can give a girl a headache.

Bill and I still have our issues, I guess. It’s not the first night we’ve been out together that’s ended in a fight, not that it was a date or anything. I’m seeing him less or less. Seems like one of us is always working, and the other’s always complaining about it. I love him, but sometimes it just seems like more stress than I need right now.

Men. After being dead a few hundred years, you’d think they’d learn a little more about women. Go figure.

Anyway, I’m off to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful day. Talk to you soon!