Friday, June 18, 2010

First Date

So… I caved. I let Eric take me out on a date. It was really nice, for the most part. He thought it out real well, and even attempted bein’ a gentleman like I asked him to.

Dinner and a movie’s hard to ruin, and Eric didn’t, not really. It was Bianca who took a stab at ruining it, turnin’ it into a double date without anyone knowin’ about it. The guy she brought was pretty nice, but the thoughts runnin’ through his head… Those were some dirty, dirty thoughts.

Eric was real apologetic about the whole mess. Dinner was good, even if awkward, and then Eric took me out to a movie. He seemed more interested in tryin’ to make out with me than watchin’ the movie, but it was at one of those theaters that shows old classics, and I love those, and besides, there weren’t many people there, so I might’ve given in just a little. Don’t blame me, I’ve done plenty of resistin’ in the past, but this was a date, and it was just kissing!

Anyway, I think we both enjoyed ourselves. I told him he could take me out on another date again soon, preferably without Bianca. I think he plans on it, cause I heard the two of them yellin’ well into the mornin’. Guess he was pretty upset with her too.

Eric Northman on a date. Who would’ve figured?