Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I've been up to...

I've been a little scarce lately, I know, but with good reason! I've been exploring a relationship with Eric, and I got some news about Bill's true reasons for coming to Bon Temps that really had me reeling. Mostly Eric's been takin' up a bunch of my time.

If you're curious, be a fly on the wall, and you can read about my adventures by clicking on the following links. They're in chronological order, with the last entry being our most recent encounter. Enjoy.

A Kiss From a Rose on the Grave - with @SheriffNorthman

Behind Blue Eyes - with @SheriffNorthman, @TruBloodBill, & @NewbornJessica

Winding Roads are Winding Down - with @SheriffNorthman

Stab My Back - with @TruBloodBill, @QueenBlackwood, & @SheriffNorthman

Born for Devastation and Reform - with @SheriffNorthman & @HornDogJason