Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Reflections

The holiday was wonderful. Really, it couldn't have gone better. To have so many friends over to celebrate together and with me was really touching. It was wonderful to see how many people showed up, and even better to see how many stayed and enjoyed themselves. For the most part, everyone seemed to get along, and for a group like the one I invited, that was an accomplishment. Tara, Serge, Sam, Sookeh, Alyx, Dave, Sammie, Scarlett, Lacey, Jack, Wes, Jo, Lily, Roman, Kayley, Abel, Jason, Bianca, Angelo, Gianna, Tray, Abi, Jenny, Nolan, Lafayette, and Waylon all came for the first Thanksgiving Eric and I celebrated together. It was so hectic at first, I think I spent the entire first hour just opening doors, but after that, when everyone settled in and got their food, everyone just got to sit and enjoy each other's company... and hopefully the food!

People brought such nice things, too. Some brought delicious food, some brought beautiful flowers, and someone, three guesses who, even brought a picture of Bruce Campbell. It was so nice to see everyone wanting to be there and acting like the family we've really become. I even got to spend some time with some of the kids, before they got too tired, and it was nice seeing some of the people I don't get to spend enough time with. Hundr ran around everyone's feet all night, and everyone seemed completely charmed by him, if the number of table scraps he got was any indication. Jenny spent part of the night pretending to be a potted plant, no idea what happened there, and Waylon ate more of the blood food than the people food, and Jack got taken out by some tranquilizer darts towards the end, but otherwise things ran about as smoothly as I expected!

I'm so embarrassed that I fell asleep towards the end of the night, but I guess working to cook that meal all week and be a good hostess wore me out, because I fell asleep tucked up right against Eric's shoulder. He took care of everything, though, including me, and managed to see all the guests off safely.

Clean up the next day wasn't so bad, except for a strange shortage of barbecue sauce I noticed, and some things I thought might've been donkey tracks. I caught up on some needed sleep once the cleanup was done, and spent the day in bed with Eric and Hundr. It's a great way to spend the day.

When I woke up again, Eric wasn't in the room, but I could tell he was in the house. He came in as soon as I called out to him, and he was holding a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a bunch of chocolates, and a gold bracelet.

It was all beautiful, but totally unnecessary. Eric thought he had to apologize for something the other night, but he really could've just said that he hadn't meant to upset me, that he was sorry, and that would've been that. He wouldn't take no for an answer, though, so we spent the rest of the night taking half the flowers to Gran's grave, to let her know we were thinking about her on the holiday. It was actually Eric's idea, and I was so touched he thought of it. He also agreed to decorate the tree with me on Wednesday, so I'm real excited for that. I didn't think Eric would be one for the holidays, but it seems like he's all for them if it makes me happy. I really love having him stay here with me. I'm so lucky to have him.