Monday, December 6, 2010

A Romantic Weekend

This weekend was amazing. Really, better than I could've imagined. I think every little girl who's ever seen a Disney movie dreams of going to a ball, and I can't really say the Blood Ball was that, but it was so much fun.

I felt like a princess in the gown Eric bought me, and I was right, he was the most handsome man there, alive or not. We saw so many friends at the ball. I never expected to see Alyx, Dave, Lacey, Mena, or Pam there, even though Eric said some Area 5 people might be in attendance. I saw so many other friends there too, like Sookeh and her imaginary date, Caroline Bellefleur who seemed as overwhelmed by the change in scenery as I was, and so many other people, I can hardly keep track. The whole night was a whirlwind of dancing and Kayden's beautiful singing, and more dancing, and then some wonderful chocolate desserts and champagne.

It's all such a wonderful blur, and even I'm surprised at how much fun I had.

I think Eric enjoyed himself too. We could hardly wait to get back to the hotel room, even with his crazy driving, and it was only because I demanded he not hurt the gown that my dress wasn't torn to shreds. Nothing else I wore was so lucky.

Sunday was so romantic too. When Eric rose, he showed me the brochure that inspired him for the night.

Celebration in The Oaks™
December 1-31
New Orleans City Park
New Orleans’ premier holiday light show features grand live oaks and bayous transformed into a holiday wonderland, toured by car, horse-drawn carriage or by foot.  Unique exhibits include a Cajun Village decorated for the arrival of Papa Noël, Dinobration™, where the Jurassic past comes to life, a pirate ship, a three-ring circus and an animated jazz band.  Separate self-guided garden tours include nightly entertainment, train garden, amusement rides, miniature train tours of the lights and Creole delicacies. Open nightly 5:30-10:30pm.

We took a horse-drawn carriage ride through the holiday wonderland set up in the City Park, and it was exactly like something out of a book. Even Hundr came along, though he wasn't so sure whether or not he liked the horses. We skipped the part about the dinosaurs and the pirate ship, but the music was fantastic, and we even got to do a little more dancing, as though we hadn't spent hours doing just that the night before. Eric's an amazing dancer. I could dance with him for hours. I guess I already have.

The lights were all completely spectacular, and the gardens were beautiful. Everything was lit in the most beautiful way, and I even talked Eric into going on some of the rides with me. I couldn't talk him into the miniature train, partially because we weren't sure he would fit, but we did go on the ferris wheel. I took pity on him and didn't ask about the carousel, even though the painted horses on it were beautiful.

The food was delicious, and I ate in the gardens while Eric sipped a blood and whispered about what he'd rather be tasting. For once, I didn't protest. Everything felt so private and romantic. It was a wonderful night, and such an unexpected break from the stress at home.

Of course, some of the beauty of it was that it only lasted the weekend. Tonight, we went back to Shreveport, Eric driving at intolerable speeds all the way. I'm happy to be here, though. We'll spend a few nights decorating his house, since he was right and Angelo hasn't done a thing for it, and then Thursday is Tara's baby shower. Lafayette and I have some shopping to do before then, but I'm thinking of having Claudia cater the whole thing. She'll do a really professional job, and Tara really deserves something nice. Jerica is kind enough to have the whole thing at her house, and I'm sure Tara will appreciate not having to travel when she's due so soon. I'm really looking forward to the whole thing. I just sent out the invitations, and plenty of people have already responded.

After a magical weekend, it looks like this week is going to be pretty spectacular too. I love the holiday season.