Saturday, December 4, 2010

A Surprise Vacation

I'm going to a ball! Can you believe it? A bunch of packages arrived yesterday, and it was pretty obvious that Eric was up to something. Giant, black boxes tied with black satin ribbons don't just show up at your house brought by your vampire's assistant, after all. I didn't want to open them while he was still asleep, so I waited and tried to go about my day as normally as possible while trying desperately to ignore the stacked gift boxes on the dining room table.

Of course, they were only on the dining room table because we broke the kitchen table the night before. I feel a little guilty about that, but the way we broke it... well, that's hard to regret.

That night, I'd gone to meet with Sam both about Tara and about my job. I haven't been to work in some time, not since Sam and I got into that huge fight, and there's other stuff on my plate right now that needs my attention more than work does. Work's always been a huge priority for me, because just like everyone else I've got bills to pay, but after a talk with Eric where he asked me since we're sharing our lives, why can't we share our finances, I knew what I had to do.

I told Sam I'm taking a short leave of absence from Merlotte's. I'm not quitting, not at all, in fact I offered to do some consulting work for his staff and distributors with my gift. Telepathy comes in handy when it comes to hiring and buying stuff, and I thought that'd be helpful.

I also gave him quite the lecture on being such an ass to Tara, if you'll excuse my language. Harassing a pregnant woman just ain't right, not when she needs her friends around her now more than ever. After a few pretty strong words and some pacing around his office, he saw my point, and agreed to try to make things right after the baby's born, so as not to put extra stress on her when she's pregnant.

Overall, I thought it went pretty well.

Then when I got home, I found a hole in my floor. That was interesting, though actually, not that surprising. Brier offered to patch it up, and I agreed eventually, since I'm pretty sure he made it in the first place. There was also a parrot that I strongly suggested he take with him. I don't know how the parrot got there, and I didn't ask. Sometimes, it's better not to.

Then, Eric and I started baking cookies, and we broke Gran's table. Oops?

When he woke again, I was finally able to ask him about the boxes over dinner. He insisted I open the biggest one, and when I did, I found a gorgeous black, sequined gown. It's really stunning. Really, really stunning. I was speechless except to ask why I was holding a gown, and he invited me to a ball. A real ball! Just like in the movies I'm always forcing him to watch with me. Not only that, but it's a masquerade ball, as I found out when I opened the rest of the boxes, and it's in New Orleans!

We had to pack and leave right away, and now I'm sitting here in this gorgeous vampire hotel watching my vampire and my puppy sleep, waiting to get ready. I can't wait to see what tonight brings.