Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Thoughts Before Christmas

Oh goodness, it's been forever since I wrote here! Things have just been so busy. I guess the holiday season does that to people,

Let's see. Since I last updated, Tara had her baby. I can't believe I didn't write about that! Maya's just the sweetest little thing, and she's named after Gran, which is just so thoughtful of Tara. I know Gran thought of her as another grandchild, so it would've meant a lot to her. She'd be so proud of Tara; I know I am. Seeing her with that baby, she's just a natural mother. It's beautiful.

It makes me wonder about having kids of my own one day, but that's a long way off, if it ever happens. I have a feeling telepaths were really never meant to have kids. I've seen Eric with kids though, and he's just so good with them. He's sweet and gentle, and if he knew I said any of that he'd probably throw a fit, but he really is. He must've been such a good father. I wonder what he thinks about the whole thing, but it never seems appropriate to ask. Maybe one day.

The baby shower was beautiful before Tara went into labor though. Jerica was so good about hosting the whole thing, and Claudia catered it wonderfully. Lafayette fainted during the whole birth thing, but Serge stood outside the door the whole time. I think he's being a pretty good father figure, but I still have to wonder who the dad is. Tara seems in no mood to talk about it, so I'll wait until she's ready. Tara's got a good head on her shoulders, but where men are concerned, she's got some serious trust issues… though not without reason.

That was the 9th, and then the 17th, Eric and I had a few people over at his house. It was a real quiet thing, nothing big that could even be called a party, especially when one of the guests hid in a house plant that she tried her hardest to munch on, but the thing of it was, we had them over to invite them to Sweden with us.

That's where Eric and I decided to do our bonding ceremony after all. He hasn't explained too much what the ceremony's like, but bonding, I'm pretty familiar with, and he said it's almost like a wedding. He's been booking the trip and stuff, and we've been looking at locations online. It's a good thing he speaks Swedish, cause I don't understand a word of those webpages, and Google Translator could not be more useless. I'm thinking I've got to get a dress and stuff too, but I don't know what's appropriate to wear for that. I don't think I could do a wedding gown. It'd just seem inappropriate. What kinda outfit says, "I want to be tied in blood to you forever?"

We'll be gone from January 7th to the 14th, and I'm so excited. I think most everyone else is too. So far, Liam, Bianca, Lacey, Jack, Wes, Nolan, Jenny, Pam, Joanna, and Lily are coming, I think. We've been looking to ask Sookeh, but it's like no one's seen her lately. It's pretty weird.

I also know it's weird we're not bringing anyone from Bon Temps, but I don't feel like anyone there would understand. Eric and I didn't want anyone getting all object-y or angry during the whole thing, and I don't want to explain to everyone a billion times why I'm, "getting involved with a vampire," as they always put it. Tara would say I'm outta my darn mind, Jason would swear his sister was only marrying a vamp over his dead body, which Eric would offer to see to, and Lafayette would say vamps are nothing but trouble. Sam would probably have the same reaction, and I really don't want to lose my job, even if I am still on my leave of absence. Claude would throw a fit too and protest about fairies and stuff, and as much as I'd love to have family with me for something more important, none of my family would be real supportive, and I need supportive, not negative, for this.

The next night, we went to Melissa's wedding. That was real nice. It was in  Paris, can you believe it? Thank goodness for Claude and his poofy powers. He got himself all shopped out while we were at the wedding. Joanna was there too, since Lily was the flower girl, and after the beautiful ceremony, we all got to dance till she fell asleep and Claude took us home. It was a really fun break from stuff back home, and it made me even more sure that… well… that I want it to be me and Eric standing up there promising to love each other forever. Is that real sappy? It's pretty sappy, isn't it…

Then our White Elephant Christmas party was last night, and that was so much fun! It was crazy as could be, with guests coming and going and some having some inappropriate fun in my closet, which Eric promised to clean up, but goodness was it a fun time. Everyone got presents, some sentimental, some useful, some hilarious, and some just darn inappropriate, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. No one left empty-handed, and we were even able to send a few gifts to friends who couldn't make it.

I got a bottle of evil from Sookeh, and I'm kind of looking forward to using that on a special occasion. I'll think of something. Eric got a Swiffer from Jenny, of course. Everything was just… fun. It was all pretty relaxed, and people ate plenty of food, thankfully. My blood cake seemed to be a big hit, which is a relief, since I never know if vampires'll remember to chew or not. They seem to have trouble with the concept.

Lots of people couldn't make it since it's the holiday season and everyone's busy and all that, but I assured everyone that we'll have another party real soon. Eric seems to be starting to grasp that I really like entertaining and stuff, and he doesn't seem to mind it. He's seeming more comfortable spending time around people, though to be completely honest, I don't think he's fully healed yet. It's nothing anyone but me would notice, but once in a while… he's just in pain.I hate to see it, but I'm doing everything I can to make him as comfortable as I can. We'll take it real easy until the trip, despite Joanna's and Lacey's insistence that we have a bunch of shopping to do, and Eric agreeing wholeheartedly. I'm not real sure why, though. How much colder could Sweden be?

Overall, this is turning out to be one of the best holiday seasons so far. It's not even Christmas yet, and I've gotten to spend time with a bunch of friends, and we've welcomed a new one into the world. I've found new family, I have someone who loves me and who I love with all my heart, and what else could someone really want? Even Hundr's getting into the spirit with his new reindeer ears, though I only let him wear them when Eric's asleep, or he'd say I'm coddling the puppy. Despite all the bad stuff like witches and whispers of unhappy fairies or lurking drainers, it's been a really good holiday season so far, and there's still plenty of it left to enjoy.