Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Ice Hotel

The flight from Stockholm to the Kiruna Airport to get to JukkasjÀrvi, where the Ice Hotel is, only took a little over an hour and a half, but boy was it a long flight. The plane between the two was tiny! We went so far North, you could practically feel the temperature drop, even on the plane. We're North of the Arctic Circle out here, which means no sunlight at all, but the Northern Lights are going on!

It's at least ten degrees colder here than in Stockholm, and it turns out, ten degrees makes a big difference! It's nine degrees out right now, which is gonna feel real warm once we're in the rooms, which they say are kept at -5! If I don't freeze to death, it's gonna be some sorta miracle, but Eric says he knows how to keep me warm... Picking out everyone's rooms was real fun, though there weren't enough for everyone, so Roman and Kris have to bunk together. Somehow, I don't think they mind! Here are some pictures, and hopefully I'll get to post more later!

The front desk. Pretty chilly looking right from the start!
The lighting's real strange cause it's all artificial!
Ain't the lobby real pretty?
Mine and Eric's Room... Isn't it all Viking-y?
Roman & Kris's Room... Nolan's gonna get jealous of those snowboobs!
Claude's Room... Still makes me laugh...
Jo's, Lucian's, and Lily's room... Cause Jo's the city girl!
Lacey, Jack, and Wes's Room... It looks the warmest!
I thought Pam's room is real pretty.
Bianca and Liam's room seemed like the one with the sturdiest bed. I'm hoping they don't break it.
Nolan and Jenny's room has a tree for Jenny, since she loves them, but I'm hoping he keeps her from licking it.

I don't think Waylon will ever feel too alone in his room.