Saturday, January 8, 2011

Who is your favorite RP group?? And why??

I don't know if you mean one outside of my own, but @YieldtoMe wins for me, hands down.

I'm so blessed to know the people within it, in and out of character. The idea that these incredibly talented, incredibly creative people not only accept me and let me into their storylines and lives, but actually want to work with me on a regular basis surprises me constantly. I really think of them as family, and considering I've been friends with a lot of them for more than a year, I can safely say they hold a special place in my heart. Even our new members, I'm so excited to have and work with. The idea that they would let me represent them in even the smallest ways constantly touches my heart, and when the writers are as talented as the ones we have in the group, I can only find it flattering.

The group constantly excites me, and I'm thrilled to support them in any way I can.Whether it's thinking up plots, introducing new members, or updating our site, I love being able to do anything I can for our members. I'm so excited for everything in store for the group this year. Every day when I get online, I look forward to talking to, writing with, and reading everything our members have to say. They really make this whole experience so fantastic for me.

If I have to choose a RP group outside my own, which is easy enough to do because there are so many truly fantastic ones out there that I love following and that are really worth looking into, I'd have to say @MeeMawBellefleu's family and @VampireStan's nest. They're so creative and so original, they're truly a pleasure to follow. They have me in stitches nearly nightly, and I can't help but smile whenever I see their tweets in my stream. They're such talented writers, and I'm constantly impressed by their originality.

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