Saturday, January 8, 2011

Why do you RP??

The really simple answer would be, because I love it.

I'm not sure there's a thing about it I don't love. I feel like such a dork when I say I've been RPing for over seven years, but that doesn't make it any less true. I've loved reading and writing since I was teeny tiny, which I guess is natural growing up in a family of librarians and teachers, but I've always been addicted to a good story. Reading the work of other RPers allows me to get my fix, if you want to put it that way, and getting to write my own fills that need to create plots and fantasies in my head that I've always loved doing.

I love the people, and getting to connect with so many, especially on a forum like Twitter. For most of my RP life, I've been a message board girl. I've made my own, run some others, joined ones I've had nothing to do with the administration of, and filled all different stations on a bunch of different boards. Some were teeny tiny, with less than a handful of members, and some were gigantic with well over a thousand people, at least. No matter the size, one of my favorite things has always been getting to work with and write with so many amazing, creative people. Whenever people get together in groups, there will always be tension, but when people overcome that to plot and work together to create something amazing, the result is always so exciting. On Twitter, having the privilege to read the writing of so many individuals and so many groups is always such an honor. I respect other RPers so much, especially when they're really getting out there to be original and do their own things. It's one of the reasons I always follow people back, because I'd hate to miss the opportunity to miss reading someone's work when there are so many talented writers out there, and so many friends to be made. RPing is absolutely about the writing and about enjoying yourself, but it's also about the people, and I love that. If I didn't, I'd just be scribbling into a notebook by myself, and I feel like if I did that, I'd really be missing out.

Of course, it is also about the writing. It's such a fun, exciting way to escape from everything. I have a fairly hectic schedule, and there really is a ton of stress involved in what I do, though I'm very blessed to have the opportunities I do. While I love what I do, I love writing what I want to write even more. I know I'll sit through half my classes jotting down exciting ideas for plots or characters. I love getting to explore those. Some of the characters I've had for years now, so getting to play with them is almost like visiting old friends. That sounded corny, but it's true, and I love going back and reading what I've written with others in the past and reliving the memories.

There are other reasons, of course, but those seem the easiest to explain, and I've rambled too long already. Ultimately, I love RP and everything about it.

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