Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Third [Second] Date

Well, I'm back in New York. Ain't that the weirdest thing. I haven't been to work in forever. I don't know what I'm gonna do about that, but I figure, one problem at a time, and I'm definitely dealin' with some other stuff right now.

Eric took me on a third date. Well, he insists it was the third, but it's really the second. He counts makin' out in my hotel room last night as our second. That's... complicated. I'm so attracted to him. Who wouldn't be? It's hard to keep my hands off him, but at the same time, he's so intimidating. Almost scary. He's... well, he's no Bill, and Bill was my first. I feel so unsure around him, but at the same time, who can help but want him?

I had to stop him from doing anything I wasn't ready to, but he was really good about that. He even stayed until I fell asleep. He's a good cuddler, I'll give him that.

For our date, he took me to see Wicked. That was amazin'! We both loved the show, I think. Eric was talkin' about sendin' one of the munchkins home to Dave, though I can't for the life of me imagine why.

Still, it was all so excitin'! I'd never been to any kind of show before, and Broadway... Wow. Eric called my excitement adorable, but I couldn't help it! It was a great birthday present.

Really, the whole present was the best I've ever gotten. It made up for havin' a real quiet birthday, not that I mind quiet when the alternative lately seems to be rescuin' people or blowin' stuff up. Though, speakin' of blowin' up, I have to wonder if Bianca knows about all these dates. I still think she'll try to kill me one day. I'm kind of terrified.

I haven't heard from Bill since our date. I guess he took my, "Don't call me until you're done with this database business," request seriously. It's for the best, I guess, when I seem to be gettin' involved with Eric romantically, whether I want to or not.

The thing is, I think I want to. He's so different from what I expected. He's really thoughtful to me. Caring, almost, and almost selfless. I never thought I'd use those words to describe him. He says I'm important to him. I guess what I'm saying is, he's pretty important to me too.