Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth [Third] Date

Eric took me on another date tonight. It was so much fun. We went to a book store, where we spent a while shopping around. It was so big! Literally miles of books! Eric got me a gift certificate to it as part of my birthday present, so I spent some of that. I'll have reading forever!

From there, I was really hungry after all that walking, so he took me to a deli.

I'd never been to a deli before, but Good Lord, the food was delicious! I got a corned beef sandwich, a potato knish, and some half sour pickles. I might have to stop at another deli before we leave the city to see if they're all this good!

After I ate and Eric educated me on how a vampire could taste human food through blood, we went back to the hotel. He carried me on his back while he ran, which was a little terrifyin', honestly.

Once we got there, things got a little... heated. We kissed for a while, but when it started to go farther, I had to stop him. I mean, it was almost dawn, but really, when things start to get like that, I get nervous. The whole thing scares me on a few levels. He went back to his room, since it really was almost dawn, but I'm not sure if he's mad, and I'm even less sure of what to do about the whole thing. I want him, but... what if I'm makin' a mistake?