Saturday, January 8, 2011

Arriving in Sweden

Last night, we arrived in Sweden. The plane ride seemed to take forever, which wasn't unexpected, just... long. It wasn't so bad, though. I watched Aladdin with Lily, talked with Waylon, made sure Kristen got the nuts out of her nose, and enjoyed a little time with Lacey, Jack, Wes, and Roman. I got to talk to Tara on the phone, too. It turns out she and Maya are moving back to Bon Temps, which is great, except that it's because Serge broke it off with her. When I find that vampire, I'm sure gonna give him a piece of my mind, abandoning Tara like that.

I finally got up the courage to tell her that Eric and I are having our bonding ceremony. I know he thinks of it as a marriage, and with something so significant, it would've been great to have my oldest friend with me, but with vampires and bonds being the sensitive subject as they are with Tara, it's just better this way. She congratulated me, which means a lot, and Lafayette gave us his blessing a while back. I guess all I've gotta worry about now is telling Jason.

"Hey Jason! Guess what? I got vampire-married in Sweden!"

Yeah, that'll go well.

I guess I'll worry about it when the time comes. Maybe get him drunk first. Either way, I'm real excited. When we landed, it was so freezing! I could hardly believe it! I just barely avoided cussing about the weather, and thankfully Eric got me into the car before I could freeze to death or something. he really wasn't kidding about that! All the humans seemed pretty shocked by the cold, except maybe Liam, but I'm pretty sure Bianca gave him a concussion having all that sex with him in the airplane bathroom. Pam seemed excited, though pretty tired still. I hope they get that stuff worked out soon.

Brier joined us back at the hotel, he'd run off to shift or something, I didn't ask the details, and we met Claude there too. I gave Jenny the room key for her and Brier, since she seems like the more responsible one, even if she eats plants, and Lily took that time to tell Lucian that Nando told her what sex is. I think they'll be having a talk soon.

Everyone went their separate ways, and I did something a little naughty with Eric. We mighta done it in the elevator. I'm still shocked, but... he was so excited... I guess I got caught up in it. Anyway, he said he'd take care of the security footage. I hope he does.

Today when I woke up after a very exciting night, it was already dark again. Sweden only has something like six hours of sunlight right now. Eric's in heaven! He went out to make snow boobs or something with Nolan, so I explored the hotel, got something to eat, and wrote in my journal. I took some pictures of the hotel since it's so beautiful, and I want to put them in here to remember it perfectly. We're staying at the Grand Hotel in Stockholm, and it's just... magnificent. I'll show you!

That's part of our suite. Isn't it fantastic? All the glass is light-proof!

The hotel really is right on the water, just like Eric said. Isn't it stunning at night?

This is our room. I'm completely in love with it, really. Eric liked the throw pillows, but they ended up on the floor.

Another view of the hotel at night. I really do love how it looks all lit up.

Eric says the water doesn't freeze in the winter cause it's moving and there's so much of it, so there are still boats going!

This was the main lobby of the hotel. It was so warm and welcoming!

This is the hotel's bar, I think. They also serve some food there, though. It's real cozy, and where I'm writing this!

This is the hotel's main restaurant. The glass gives such a lovely view of the snow outside!

This is a quieter, more private and romantic restaurant. I love the couch thing. I wanna talk Eric into taking me here.

That's really all I've got for now, because I've gotta find Eric and tear him away from his snow boobs. Honestly, after a thousand or so years, you'd think the fascination would wear off...

Claude said they have the country's best spa here. I told him I hate that sorta thing, but he's insisting on dragging me. Maybe before the bonding ceremony, and just for something small. I guess a steam room doesn't sound so bad in this cold weather.

Anyway, I think I need to leave this nice, warm, cozy room and face the snow to find my vampire! I think I'll take Hundr, see how he likes the snow. Maybe it'll be fun after all!