Monday, January 31, 2011

Dracula & Babies

I feel like I haven't written in my journal in forever!

Things have just been so busy. I've been helping Eric with his reopening of Fangtasia more than I thought I was even capable of, but he seems to trust me with it. I'm designing a sort of… well, I won't get into it yet! It'll be a bit of a surprise, but anyone who saw my Thanksgiving menu won't be too shocked! Roman's excited, and he and Jessica have been wonderful guinea pigs for my experiments. Eric's cautious but has been real good about trying my concoctions.

We also redecorated his office. Well, just decorated. It was pretty blank, but Alcide did a great job with it! Even though the vampires give him such a hard time, Fangtasia really does look great! I can't wait for everyone to see it on the opening, Dracula Night!

We bought some furniture for it at IKEA in Houston, and even spent the night there! The hotel was so nice, I was surprised Eric could get reservations on such short notice, but he just laughed. That vampire thinks I'm so naive. Maybe I am, because I was impressed. Eric always impresses me, though. I don't think that vampire will ever quit making me swoon…

Unfortunately, it hasn't all been good news. I've been meeting with Portia a ton lately, which is great because she's such a lovely woman, but it's been about Gran. I realized after finding some legal documents in Gran's recipe box that I never really settled her estate. I guess just the shock of it all, with the murder and then having to go and try to not get murdered myself, aside from the funeral, that sort of stuff just fell through the cracks. Everyone knows the farmhouse is mine anyway, but it really is better to have it all taken care of the legal way. Portia's been so understanding about the whole thing, and so kind to me! I invited her, MeeMaw, the twins, Luke, and everyone else she can possibly think to bring to my house for dinner one night, probably after the opening when all this has died down a little. I hope sooner, but Eric's just been so busy, and I want him to get to know everyone. He knows how much I love entertaining, even if he doesn't understand it at all. Maybe MeeMaw will even bring Stan so he'd have a friend too! I don't think that's really how vampires work, since it sounds like I'm arranging a playmate and all, but we'll see, I'm excited anyway. It's great to have friends when dealing with tough subjects.

Speaking of tough subjects, Tara threw me for a darn loop this week! We went to Walmart to shop for some stuff for her new place, her, me, and Maya. It was great to see the little one; she's getting so big! That little girl has a real special place in my heart, between being named after Gran and being Tara's daughter.

Anyway, we ran into Sam. I was excited, because I wanted to tell him about the bonding ceremony and tell him I wanted to get back to work, but I forgot about all that real quick when Tara started shouting in her head about Maya having Sam's smile! I cannot believe she didn't tell me Sam's the father! I was somewhere between shocked and darn furious, to say the least. Sam deserves a place in Maya's life. I know Tara's heart was real broken when things between her and Sam ended, but it's just not right. A girl needs both her parents in her life, and it's not like Sam's a bad man. He's a really great guy, and I know he'd want to support her however she'd let him. I just don't understand what she's thinking. I made her promise to tell him soon, and I hope she goes through with it. She really better. Sam's missed enough moments in Maya's life already.

I was blessed to experience a great moment in Wes's life this week too. Lacey and Jack had a wonderful Christening for him. It was beautiful, though pretty shocking to see so many vampires gathered in a church. They seemed pretty uncomfortable, for the most part. Especially Roman. He broke a pew. Eric seemed pretty at ease with the whole thing, even made fun of Roman, though I didn't appreciate his tone in talking about the church. Nixie sat near us, and she didn't seem to believe in it either. I scolded them both for acting out of line. No one had to believe anything, just be respectful of Lacey and Jack celebrating their son. It was a nice ceremony, I think. Short. The guy doing it hit on Claude. That was awkward, but Bianca scared him off. No one saw him after that.

Everyone seems to be having kids, settling into families. Even I'm sort of married now. Things are so great you can almost forget the building tension of the vampire politics in Shreveport at the moment. It's almost easy to ignore the complications that Dracula Night should bring. It's almost easy to forget that a homicidal vampire and his crazy companion are poking their noses into Area Five's business, that batshit crazy witches are going around cussing Louisiana's vampires and that the name Hallow keeps popping up in the context of disappearances in the area. I almost don't mind that a fairy ancestor is trying to get involved with my life, bringing along the fairy that helped kill my parents.