Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Back to Work

I went to Merlotte's last night. It was so nice being back there. I guess I hadn't really expected that. I've been on leave from there since the fire at Fangtasia in November. Originally, I took off to take care of Eric and help him heal, and then we were developing our relationship, and that needed my attention more than work did. Eric and I had a lot of issues between us to get through, and we really did work on them. Gran always told me that a relationship is a work in progress, and ours certainly is, but now that we're very much a couple in love and some of the more unstable issues, both in our relationship and in our lives, seem to be steadier, it feels like time to go back to work.

Besides, I miss Merlotte's. I miss everyone there. It's been forever since I've seen Angie or Arlene, so getting to see them last night was wonderful. I got to hear all about Angie's kids, which was nice since I enjoyed helping her set up the nursery for them, and it certainly sounds like she has her hands full. Arlene was great too. I got to hear about Coby and Lisa, who I miss a lot, and Arlene even tried to be supportive over Eric. That's a big step for her.

I'm hoping to talk to Sam about coming back real soon. I'd really like to work day shifts, so I can still spend my nights with Eric. It might sound silly, but I'm reluctant to give up time with him. We've barely spent any time apart in months, and I'd really like to keep it that way. We're planning on traveling back and forth between Shreveport and Bon Temps, so we shouldn't have to spend any time apart, or at least not any long amount of time.

I know Eric hates Bon Temps, but I'm working on that too. The bedroom that was mine before Gran died has been empty for a long time, so I'm working on making that into an office for Eric. I want him to have a place in Bon Temps that's all his. I want him to feel like my home is his home too, just like he did for me in Shreveport. I turned my old bed into more of a couch for him, I got the desk I used to do homework at set up real nicely with brand new office supplies and pretty much everything office-y at Walmart that seemed practical. I made room on the bookshelves in there for Eric to keep some of his books and files and stuff too. I even got Hundr a new bed, just for that room, but he seems to prefer to sleep on my old one. Oh well.

I'm still working on getting it all set up, especially since I don't know the first thing about offices, but I've seen his at Fangtasia and at his house enough times to get the gist of what he needs. I'm gonna move my laptop in there so he can use it too, and clean out some old files so there's plenty of memory and all that stuff. I'm pretty excited to unveil the whole thing to him, and I hope he likes it, but for now it's just a work in progress and boy, does it need some more work. Trying to turn a childhood room into a vampire's office is no easy task, but I have to say, it's pretty fun so far.