Monday, January 10, 2011

Dragged to the Spa

I woke tonight to a text from Claude about how I "need" a trip to the spa before the bonding ceremony tonight. I do want to look my best for it, but the idea of people pampering me, doing things for me, makes me so, so uncomfortable. If Claude's in any way supporting this, though, I know I should indulge him. He's the only family I have here, and I'm sure Jenny, Lacey, Pam, Bianca, Jo, and Kris will enjoy the whole thing a lot, even if I don't like it. Besides, I didn't like the idea of Claude getting impatient and just poofing into my room where Eric's naked.

I'm near crawling out of my skin, I'm so excited for tonight. Claude says that means I need some exfoliating or something, but I'm just excited. I've got my dress and shoes and all that down here at the spa with me so I can get dressed without Eric seeing me. Even though it's not a wedding, Eric sees it as more significant than one, so I want to follow some of the traditions. Him not seeing me in my dress before the ceremony is one, I hope. I'm not sure what he'll be up to today, but I hope he, Brier, Liam, Waylon, Jack, Lucian, and Roman don't get into too much trouble. They're watching Weston and Lily, after all.

The bonding ceremony's gonna be late tonight, probably around when 9pm would be back in Shreveport, but that's 4 in the morning here! We'll have just around 5 hours before dawn, which is nice, and it shouldn't take longer than that. The location we got is perfect, but we had to wait until it'd be closed to the public and could be set up for the bonding, which means it'll be a little late. Not that I mind! It just means lots of coffee today. Claude says the spa is supposed to be relaxing. We'll see about that.

He's gonna start yelling if I don't hurry up and get to whatever room he's dragging to, but I'll write again in a bit!