Tuesday, January 4, 2011

May i ask why dont you use the Sookie from True Blood as your AVI?

Oh sure!

It was a personal decision, really. I just never felt a connection with her. If I'm gonna spend hours a day writing as a person, I've gotta feel some sort of connection, or it's just gonna be awkward. I tried out using my current face back in March of 2010 on a message board, and I just felt like it clicked. I came to think of her as "my" Sookie... and I liked that.

It was actually a pretty tough decision to decide to switch to her on Twitter. My Sookie has always been pretty original, since I follow a mix of the books, the show, and my own spin on her based on YTM plot... mostly the first and last. I was worried she wouldn't be accepted as a "real" Sookie, since every other Sookie on Twitter used Anna Paquin at the time, but people seemed pretty receptive, so it turned out my hesitation was for nothing, and I'm real grateful for that. I try to stay faithful to the spirit of Sookie, if not the actress chosen to portray her, and I hope I'm doing a good job!

Ultimately I feel like the actors chosen to portray Charlaine Harris' characters is just the opinion of one group of people, though a group that really knows what they're doing, I'm sure. To me, it's more important to pick someone you personally feel captures the spirit of the character, and it's pretty rewarding to be original with it and see those characters come to life for yourself.

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