Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dracula Night

I think Eric is the only one who gets quite so excited over Dracula Night. Maybe Dracula himself does, though I'd never guess it from the twice I've seen him, and I guess Bianca gets pretty excited, but those two are pretty crazy as it is. Last year, Bianca brought Dracula a human heart as a present... One that she'd been carrying around in her purse since December! This year, she brought Dracula his ex-wife, Mina, in a jar. I always forget how goopy vampires get when they're killed.

Still, even with all the weirdness, and there was plenty of weirdness, it was hard not to be excited about the whole thing. Eric's own enthusiasm was catching, and not just because of our bond. It makes me happy to see him so happy about something, even if that something is Dracula Night.

Don't get me wrong, the whole thing was lots of fun. I loved getting to see all our friends. It felt like everyone we knew was there for the reopening of Fangtasia, and I know it was appreciated. The club really looked great, and the Blood Bar I came up with really seemed like a big hit for the fangy guests. It was wonderful to see everyone enjoying themselves. I know how hard Eric and everyone else worked to have the club ready for tonight. It definitely paid off.

There were some awkward moments during the whole thing. Eric introduced me to Russell, the King of Mississippi who's trying to stir up trouble in the area, and his companion Talbot. They were... not immediately intimidating. Just real strange. Real, real strange, actually. I don't know what's with vampires thinking "you smell delicious" is an appropriate thing to say upon meeting someone. I guess it's better than smelling bad, but really, it's just impossible to have a normal conversation after that. I don't like those two anyway.

There were some issues between Eric and Roman and Bubba, which I didn't quite like. Eric and Roman really seemed like they were bullying Bubba, but Eric's emotions were all wrong for the situation. I still don't know what happened, but I couldn't stay mad at him over it when I think there was way more too the whole thing than meets the eye.

That's about when Dracula showed up and terrified everyone. He broke up the fight by threatening everyone with a stake, and when he was done, Bianca gave him her gift. Yuck. Roman got really upset over the jar of vampire goop, and while Eric was introducing me to Dracula, decided to stick his hands into it for a while. I have no idea why, but it made me a little sick. We all pretended not to notice.

Meeting Dracula was just unpleasant. He started off by asking if Eric kept his wife in a jar too, when he said he'd be introducing me, which wasn't really welcome. Eric said "not yet," and I'm not sure what that was supposed to mean. Dracula didn't seem to interested in me, except to ask why I was alive. I didn't like that question or any of the alternatives. I don't want to think about other vampires waiting until I'm "vintage" or something like that.

And what did Dracula mean Eric was waiting for? To kill me? To turn me? I don't like the first option, and know that's not on Eric's mind, and the second... we just don't talk about. We very carefully don't talk about it. I love Eric with all my heart, and I know my future is with him, but what that future holds for both of us... we don't talk about. At least not when it comes to long term plans. It'd just get too complicated.

Dracula left after that, off to go do whatever with Bianca, and Eric took me into his office to comfort me. The whole encounter flipped me out more than a little, and my vampire didn't hesitate to take my mind off of it in the way he does best. When I was sufficiently distracted, the party was over, which Eric didn't seem too disappointed about as he drove us home. His car was surrounded in toilet paper, no idea what that was about, but thankfully there wasn't any on the car. I think that would've dampened his mood.

All in all, it wasn't a bad Dracula Night. No one died, at least not at the party this year, so that was an improvement. Still, I'm glad the vampire holiday only comes once a year.