Sunday, May 1, 2011

Business as Usual

I never would've thought, back when the fire took place, that Eric and I would be able to fall into any sort of routine that I'd ever consider normal. Strangely enough, we actually have.

I'm back at work just like I was before, only now, I work days. I know Eric doesn't really get it, but it's comforting being there almost every day, working like I have for years. I love seeing the same faces every day, whether it's great customers who've become close friends, like Lucy, or the people I work with, like Garry, Tommy, Sam, Lafayette, Terry, and Arlene. I look forward to seeing them every day, to working with them, to hearing how their lives are going. I even carpool to work with Garry sometimes. That guy's become such a good friend. Even Hundr adores him, though leave it to Eric to complain that my car smells like Shifter now.

Speaking of hearing how everyone's lives are going, I cannot BELIEVE that Sam and Tara got engaged! I'm so excited for them, I can hardly stand it. I think I nearly knocked Tara over when she told me, I rushed to hug her so quick. Really, though, I take that back. With all those two have been through together, I can totally believe that they're meant for each other. Tara asked me to be maid of honor, and I'm just hoping she doesn't put me in one of those awful dresses that Arlene used to make me wear when I was a bridesmaid at her weddings. Yuck. Tara's got way better taste than Arlene though, so even though she teases me, I'm not that worried.

Garry and Oliver are getting married pretty soon too. It feels like everyone's tying the knot, but that's spring for you. Love's in the air. It makes me wonder if Eric and I will ever really get married. How's that for an awkward pause in a conversation? "Eric's my... sorta my husband." I don't think it could be more confusing than "kinda married," but though we've been at this stage since January, I still haven't gathered the courage to talk to him about it. I guess I should, but even if it's hard to explain to people, the whole thing does make me really happy. There's no better feeling than waking up next to my Viking, with little Hundr curled at our feet.

Not all my friends have been so happy, though. I've become real close with this nice girl, Lucy, when we met at Merlotte's. She's beyond sweet, and actually reminds me a lot of myself. I kind of imagine that if I were to have a little sister, that's what she'd be like. Silly, right? Even if it is, it makes me feel protective of her. Problem is, she's a vampire slayer. No, seriously. She doesn't want to be, though. I don't get why she can't just quit. She says her blood's like a draw for vampires, which I totally get, but that doesn't mean I go killing 'em. I don't know. She says she never kills them unless they attack first, which I guess makes sense. Self defense is completely understandable and really important. She even met up with me at Fangtasia one night, and she didn't attack anyone. She wants to meet Eric, and funnily enough, I trust her to. If she goes after him, though, I'll take her down myself.

Speaking of meeting up at Fangtasia, Tammy Jo and I had drinks there the other night. That girl's gone and gotten herself involved with Roman, and all I can do is wish her luck about it. I don't think she'll need the luck, he seems totally enamored with her, but that vampire's a handful and everyone knows it. She was asking all sorts of questions about bonding, and I wanted to help her more than I did, but I just don't know what it's like between regular humans and vampires, much less Weres and vampires. I don't think I was very useful, but it was a nice night anyway! I loved getting to spend some time with her. She certainly broke up the usual schedule of spending most days at Merlotte's and most nights at Fangtasia. If someone had told me a year ago I'd be spending so much time at that vampire bar, I'd have said they were crazy. Funny, what the future holds for us, isn't it?

For instance, I'd never have guessed that I'd be making plans to visit a tattoo shop anytime soon. Not for me, of course, I've seen more than enough needles in my lifetime, thank you very much. A friend of mine, Chase, opened up Ink After Dark, and I've been dying to go see her and meet some of the other people who work there. Her guy, Julian, for instance. It sounds like they got together in a pretty unconventional way, but from what I know of both of them, it sounds like it works.

Unconventional relationships seem to be a theme this spring, though. Hoyt and Jessica are back together, which would be great, if they didn't seem so sketchy about the whole thing. Jessica's been asking all sorts of questions about Bill, which really makes me wish he'd man up and tell her he was exiled from the state, and my trouble meter was just off the roof with her! I've got a feeling she's mixed up in something bad, and Hoyt's thoughts while we were talking were not helping. He was obviously avoiding thinking what he was really thinking about, and that can only spell trouble. Kenya was in Merlotte's earlier that day telling me about a body of a girl that was found, and Lord help me, I really hope Jessica's not involved. She's been talking about spending some time with Lisa, Arlene's daughter, and I can't help but feel that's just a problem waiting to pop up. I know Jess has got all sorts of urges and stuff, but I really hope she cools it before she gets herself into some real trouble. I talked to Eric and he said he assigned Isabella to mentor her some, and that should help, long as Angelo doesn't bring along any of his guns to that sorta training.

Lord help us, a mob wife training Jess. Bon Temps is thoroughly screwed.

Other than all that, it's just been business as usual. Funny, things haven't been this quiet round Bon Temps and Shreveport in a long time. It makes me wonder what's going on under the surface; what we don't know about. Things are always quietest right before the storm, and anyone who lives round here knows that in Bon Temps, there's always a storm brewing. Is it too much to hope for a nice, quiet summer? I'm afraid I know the answer to that one.