Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Dress Shopping

Tuesday, I went with JoAnna, Lacey, Nando, and Claude (yes, Caude) to go to some fancy wedding dress store to pick out a dress for Jo. She's getting married pretty soon, I think, to her Were fiancée, Lucian. They're a really cute couple, and they deserve all the happiness that's ahead of them.

Claude even came in for the occasion, which was awful nice of him, but he seems to love all shopping, even if it isn't for him. He was real nice to me the whole time, which was sort of surprisin'. He's always calling me "cousin," but I guess it's just a quirk of his. I've seen surfers and skaters and those sorts do that on tv sometimes, so I'm guessing it's like that. I'll have to ask him about it sometime, though, since he only does it with me. He's a pretty strange guy, but he was really nice to me. I kind of hope to see more of him. There's something about him that's almost... well, almost comforting to be around. I don't know why.

JoAnna found the most beautiful dress! She's going to look like an elegant queen on her wedding day. I wonder if she'll invite me. Either way, it was beautiful. Nando found it for her. He seems to have a thing for shopping too, and a thing for Claude.

Lacey tried on some dresses too, but I wasn't sure why. Her dress-trying-on prompted Claude to practically force me into a wedding dress, which was kind of... I'm not sure...

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day, I think. I knew from the time I was old enough to understand these things that the odds were against me for that sort of thing. I can't even go on a date with a man without getting frustrated with the thoughts goin' through his head, not to mention pretty offended.

Then vampires were suddenly real, and I was datin' Bill. Bill talked about marriage sometimes. It seemed like I might just get that dream after all, but then he didn't turn out to be quite the man I thought he was.

Now I'm pretty sure I'm datin' Eric, and I really don't think he's the marryin' type. He's definitely not the monogamous type, and anyway, I guess those vows would be pretty silly.

"Do you swear to forsake others so long as you both shall live?"
"Well, one of us isn't alive, so..."

Eric says I think too much. Maybe I do. Even so, it was a fun night with friends tryin' on dresses way outside my price range. Not a bad way to spend some time.