Wednesday, October 27, 2010


When @SheriffNorthman came over the other night, he had some surprising news. @RomanLucious adopted a baby. Can you believe it? Actually, adopted isn't quite right. He killed the baby's mother and took the child. It's so wrong on so many levels. I know from experience how hard it is for a child to grow up without their parents.

Eric said I could go with him to meet Abel, that's the baby's name, to make sure he's being taken care of right. I've done my fair share of babysitting, but I don't actually consider myself an expert on parenting. Still, I want to meet him, and it'll be nice to see @FaeKayley again. She's so sweet. I really enjoyed the short time we spent together while on vacation. She's dating Roman, and they're raising Abel together.

As much as I disapprove, I'm almost sort of happy for them. They've created this little family together, and isn't that what everyone wants? Maybe Abel is getting a better life now. Roman's finally getting to be a father, which Eric says he's always wanted, and I bet Kayley's really great with kids.

It kind of raises the question, though... What about me? Do I have kids in my future? Am I ever going to get to be a mother? Does Eric want to be a father again? I definitely wouldn't want to get a baby the way Roman did, but would he want to have children another way? Adopt legally? We haven't been dating long enough for those questions to even be asked, but I've wondered if I have children in my future for a long time. It never seemed possible because I wouldn't want to always hear the father's thoughts, so I didn't think I'd ever get that close to someone. Now that I know I can't read vampires, I don't know if it's any more possible. Would I really be want to be able to read my child's mind? How could that possibly be a healthy relationship? My parents didn't deal well with raising a "different" child, so how would I be a better parent?

I guess it doesn't matter right now, though. Children aren't in my immediate future, not at all, so I'll just look forward to meeting Abel. For now, that's more than enough. I can't wait!