Thursday, May 12, 2011

Cooking with Vampires

We found Brier!

I know he'll just disappear again, cause no one can make that vampire wear a bell, but it's like a breath of fresh air having him in the house.

Eric didn't want me going with him to Fangtasia tonight because the weather's been so crazy that it can be dangerous, so Brier and I stayed in and watched TV.

That guy has such weird taste, you have no idea!

Anyway, we get along great. We always have, but I guess that's cause he's really laid back for a Shifter. None of that competitive stuff, at least that I've seen. I think that's part of why Eric likes him. I never ask too much about that. I figure it's private.

Anyway, Brier insisted on watching this show, Swamp People. I figured it was something about Bigfoot, but he explained that it's apparently about some people in Louisiana who hunt alligators or something, and it's "epic." I hope Eric doesn't hear him using that word. He teased me so much last time…

Anyway, the show was pretty good. Not my thing, but Brier got into it. Then we watched Rachel Ray shows on the Food Network. Weird choice, but Brier clearly had a thing for Ms. Ray. He has some weird taste in women, but I'm not judging.

Afterwards, he insisted on trying out some of the recipes. It seemed a weird urge for him, but again, not judging. He's actually not too bad a cook, and though he definitely pouted about not eating every last bite. We ate a bit and then we boxed up the food we made to send to Waylon. That way, even if we messed it up, it'll get eaten.

I miss time away from Eric, of course, but time with friends can be a really surprising treat.