Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Monday Love

I love Mondays.

I know that's weird and people always complain about that day of the week because that's when the weekend ends and everyone goes back to work, and that's understandable, but completely not how I feel.

See, Mondays, Fangtasia's closed. Every Monday, every week, no Fangtasia. It's like a little gift.

And usually, that means I get to keep my vampire all to myself.

Our lives are so busy, so chaotic, so hectic, that a little time alone is a really rare thing. With both our jobs and both out reputations, people always want something from one of us, and it's usually nothing fun. Mondays, though, seem like a day off. Or at least a night off, where Eric's concerned.

Tonight, we watched Gladiator, which I hadn't seen since Jason was obsessed with it since we were younger. I liked it a lot back then, who wouldn't like Russell Crowe, but I kept those thoughts to myself. Eric wasn't quite as good at keeping his thoughts to himself as he endlessly complained about historical inaccuracies. I didn't ask how he knew so much about Roman history, but I wondered if it had something to do with his Maker. I figured it was better not to ask.

Eric does not like Russell Crowe. I wonder if he picked up on my thoughts anyway. We talked about maybe watching that Robin Hood movie he was in next week anyway. I have a feeling he'll complain about that too, if we end up watching it. It's probably wrong to feel, but I like bickering with him about the movies. It's all good-natured, and it reminds me of when we started dating. Besides, it invariably leads to the bedroom. Maybe that's why he's always picking fights with me…

Yeah, Robin Hood definitely sounds good for next week...