Wednesday, May 4, 2011

When I Get Home

After a day at work, it's naturally nice to come home to a comfortable, quiet house. I think that's the same for everyone, isn't it? It's nice to be home.

It's weird to think that home is now Eric's place in Shreveport. Well, I guess I still call it' "Eric's Place" in my head sometimes, but still, it's home. Home is home too, but right now, Angelo and Isabella are living there. It would've been awfully strange to have all four of us plus Brier, Hundr, and Clyde the octopus, all living under one roof. Brier's never around, though, at least where we can find him, so that's not so awkward, and Hundr and Clyde don't listen in on what Eric and I do on the bedroom. Angelo always had an awful habit of that, though… How awkward, with his wife around.

It's so nice to have it really feel like a home, though. It's such a small, silly thing, really. To be able to do our laundry, cook my meals, warm Eric's blood, feed Hundr, make our bed, tidy up after us. It feels like our house, our home.

A year ago, I had just agreed to help Eric try to get rid of the V dealers that seemed to be taking over Shreveport. I was annoyed with Bill's overprotectiveness, but we were still dating. Who knew that a year from then, Eric and I would be married.

Married-ish, anyway.

I was beyond frustrated, back then, that I was so kept out of the loop. Bill never told me a thing, and at first, Eric and I had real communication issues too, keeping things from each other. A year can make a big difference, thankfully. Now, we're really, truly close. I feel like I could tell him anything. He knows all my secrets, and I hope he knows he can tell me all of his. It'll be a year ago this month that Bill and I broke up, and though it was really painful at the time, now, I couldn't be more grateful.

Now, I have a home, a family, and a husband. It really is amazing, the difference a year can make, and I'm so grateful for it.