Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Unexpected Wedding

@ClaudeCrane and @RomanLucious got married.

It seems all anyone can talk about lately, even if no one actually seems to know much about it.

Supposedly, Claude tricked Roman into marrying him. I wouldn't entirely put it past my cousin, under most circumstances. I love him, but fairies are tricky, and their moral code is way different than a human's... or even a vampire's, for that matter. Roman doesn't seem to remember anything about it, when anyone can find him to ask him about it. @SheriffNorthman says he's barely showing up for work, and I know he's been trying to get a hold of Roman for a while regarding a package that was left at @BarWithABite. Story for another time.

Anyway, normally I'd believe everyone about the tricking, but... I don't. See, even though Claude's had a thing for Roman for years now, my cousin just seems... miserable. @VampyJo and I have been trying to plan some sort of wedding celebration because Claude's my family and Roman's practically hers, but neither man seems very interested. Normally, I'd expect Claude to be over the moon about this sort of thing, but he just seems... down. Maybe even depressed? He hides it well, but he confided in me a bit. Things aren't anything like I guess he hoped they'd be.

No one's surprised they're not having sex. I mean, no one who knows Roman, at least, though I think some people figure that if Claude could get Roman to marry him, he could get him to do anything. Thing is, I don't think my cousin's really excited about all this. There's an undercurrent of something I just can't put my finger on. It really is a shame telepathy doesn't work so well on fairies and not at all on vampires. Never thought I'd say that, but in this case, it's true. There's something else going on there, and it worries me. Of course, with @PrinceVladTepes to worry about, it's hard to be concerned about much else, but family's always gonna be a priority to me and, like it or not, Claude's my family. I just hope he can find a way to be happy.