Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stranger Danger

I had my first official job as a Supernatural Consultant last night. I wish I could be happy about it, but the circumstances were just too awful. I'm still counting it as my first job, since I got to be helpful, even though I wouldn't accept payment.

Someone's threatening @WereLily. Pictures of her playing on the playground at school were delivered to @BarWithABite, covered in blood. @SheriffNorthman's blood, to be exact. How sick is that? Apparently they were delivered sometime during the trip to NOLA, but Eric didn't mention it. I'm annoyed that he didn't, but I kind of get why he'd want to keep something like this contained. @VampyJo must have been flipping out the entire time. I know I would have been. I guess that's why @WerepireLucian left a little early. I'm glad he went home to protect her.

@BiancaNorthman was able to catch the man who delivered the photographs to Fangtasia. She kept him in the basement and obviously beat him up. It's awful that I can tell it was her and not Chow or Pam, just by what was done. I don't like that there's so much violence or that I'm getting so familiar with each vamipre's signature, but I guess I can't really blame her for beating the guy up when she saw the pictures. If they were sent to me, I'd probably want to hurt someone too.

The basement/dungeon of Fangtasia isn't really a fate I'd wish on anyone, though, especially since the guy was just the messenger. Apparently our vampires haven't heard the saying about messengers, though, because Eric definitely had him killed after I read his mind. The man was a V-addict with dangerous connections, so I guess it's for the best, but that part of me that argued with Eric that all life is special still rails against the thought. 

I was able to read some thoughts from the man's mind, though it didn't go completely smoothly because he was so damaged from all the drugs. Eric took Bianca to look into the lead I dug up, but he came home just before dawn and in no mood to talk, so I didn't get to ask him about it. Judging by the mood, I think it's safe to guess they didn't catch the "red man" they were looking for. I hope they do soon, before he can hurt Lily or anyone else.

I wonder what it says about me that I didn't even try to save the addict's life last night. I hid behind the idea that Eric would honor our deal and not kill the man, and I'm sure he didn't, but I'm equally sure that the man is dead and will never be found. I didn't speak a word in protest, and I won't ask about it or try to lecture him or anything. Being bonded to Eric as long as I have, I understand that he truly believes this was part of eliminating a threat to his family. I can't really argue with that. V-addicts can be extremely dangerous, and this particular one was being used by an even more dangerous man, but I really wish there was an alternative to killing him.

I think believing that all life is special is part of being human. It's something I truly believe, so why didn't I protest when I knew Eric would have his prisoner killed? Why am I not more upset with the idea that they'll kill this "red man" when they find him? A threat to Lily is a threat to our family, so does that mean I'm okay with killing to protect it? Does that make me any less human if I am? And if I don't have my humanity, then what am I?